Educational Games For Kids

Play is a natural activity for every young child. It provides many opportunities for children to learn and grow physically, mentally and socially. If play is the child's work then toys are the child's tools. They are an important learning tool for kids.
Children use toys to learn about themselves and things around them. Toys aim at enhancing learning throughout all the developmental areas. The learning materials and environment gives the children an opportunity to engage themselves in different kinds of play – alone or in groups. It also gives children a wide range to choose from, thereby building confidence, opportunities to make decisions and choices. As children manipulate and play with toys their muscle control and strength is developing, so is their eye hand coordination. Toys provide children the opportunity to investigate and explore. Children can learn about size, shapes, colour, numbers, letters of the alphabet and much more.
While selecting toys keep in mind the age of the child. Is the toy for an infant or is it for a preschooler? Selecting age appropriate toys is important, as it needs to be interesting and engaging for the child. Toys need to be colourful and bright. Check for the quality. Select toys that are durable and safe. Toys must not have sharp or pointed edges. The materials used must be safe too, with no danger of chocking or suffocation.
Walking path- Children are invited to walk in different combinations based on the facilitator's instructions over this preprinted mat to revisit the concepts of body parts- foot/ heels /toes thus achieving the outcome of learning the concept, listening and following instructions, balancing their body movements which is part of the Gross motor development