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Striking a Balance between the Delicious and the Nutritious

Embraced in a lifestyle that is beaming with options, we all get to frequent malls and supermarkets with aisles full of foods spoiling us with choices like never before. Add to that food offered by street vendors, again, in a bewildering variety of temptations. Now, as parents, what food shall we choose for our children?

Mindful Eating, ADHD and Nutrition

The words attention deficit are so strongly associated with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), many people overlook other far-reaching consequences of the disorder. Among them are poor eating habits, eating disorders, and a higher-than-average risk of becoming overweight as a result of having ADHD.

Starting your child on an exercise program

Exercise programs for kids are hugely important. America holds the not so illustrious title of the fattest nation in the world and this moment, our kids are poised to inherit that title. That is something that all parents would not find as a particularly comforting thought. For those of you not yet convinced that an exercise program for your kids isn't a priority: The American Obesity Association states the single largest factor in childhood obesity is lack of physical activity and excessive sedentary behaviour—that is to say, watching too much TV and playing too many video games.

how important is vitamin d in your childs health?

Despite what its name implies, vitamin D is actually a hormone. It has many roles within the body including a part to play in the immune system. Sunlight is one of the best boosters of vitamin D, and during the spring and summer months our children should get enough if they spend short daily stints outside, without sun protection.

food guidelines for children

Think of food with preservatives. Is the nutritional value intact? Or do they compromise on health? The truth is, fresh food is the secret to good health! Stick to natural food is what says the doctor.